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Online Casino India Online Casino India

Looking for an online casino you can access from your country, let alone trust to look after your personal details and provide you with the hottest games of chance there are? Well, you don’t need to look any further. Our guide to Online Casino India will help you find the perfect games held within the best casino sites that are legally licensed to service players living in India.

Getting started online is not always easy, especially if you want to go about things the right way. Sure, you could just punch ‘casino’ into any internet search engine, sign-up and play to win, but as simple as that appears, you would not know anything of the casino’s service and overall features.

We will be assisting those wishing to learn about the right approach to online gambling when playing with their rupee currency. You’ll be picking casinos that are licensed and regulated. You will learn of the beneficial games to play and also the important factor of banking and India’s gambling laws. These are must know subjects every player really should be aware of before registering to any online casino.

Gambling online

Why play online and sign to an online casino India gambling service? Well, as you may already know, in India casinos are only in the tourist areas, unless you live in Goa, Daman, or Sikkim, you’re going to have to travel. Online alleviates this problem and provides 24/7 access to hundreds of services online that can be played no matter where you are. You can also play from any device you want, perfect for mobile users that want fast gaming on the go with a secure gaming connection that won’t lose your position in a game should your internet or Wi-Fi disconnect.

Plus, a casino online can do about a hundred thousand things a land-based casino cannot do.

Let’s present the best online casinos to you and give examples of why they are deemed the best for you and others in India to be joining.

Best online casinos in India

So, what can a top online casino do for its players that land-based sites cannot replicate or do not replicate? Well, let’s put this into a list and explain what you get.

  • Bonuses: Okay, so you might get promotional deals at a casino’s restaurant, but online, it is all about giving you gaming bonuses that you can use. The two bonuses you can get are cash credit and also free spins.
  • Gaming Numbers: The online selection is unmatched, with a typical casino online hosting roughly 500 to 800 casino games. There are those that go into numbers of 2,000, nevertheless, the gaming numbers in a casino online are staggering.
  • Variety: Land casinos don’t really offer mixed gaming variants. You will typically have roulette, poker, blackjack, and a couple of hundred slots, at most. This is as diverse as they get. Online, a casino is able to offer these and more, along with games like bingo, craps, scratch cards, sports betting, eSports, and can supply players with tournament action.
  • Prize Money: Online casino jackpots are bigger because there are more players online funding the rewards.
  • Sports Betting: Get the best of both worlds and explore all the national and international sporting events. Watch live streams of the Indian Premier League and many other sports and get in-play betting markets.
  • Online Poker: In India, the game of poker is not seen as a game of chance, rather than one of skill and because this could lead to an unfair advantage, more so on the casino, this game was prohibited within the licensed land-based sites. Online, you can play poker as much as you want, and Teen Patti is also a traditional variation of the poker game which you can also access.

Our honest casino reviews go into these qualities belonging to the sites in more detail so you can get a clearer understanding of what each online casino India platform is able to provide.

Let us now present you the best casino sites available in India that will provide safe and secure gaming 24/7 with hundreds of games inside from sports betting to live Teen Patti.

Best online casino sites

Each casino in the list is equally worthy of the number one spot, so bear in mind, you can join more than one casino if you wish to spread your options.

Which casino online will you be joining? Make it one of these, no matter what and you’ll never need to look elsewhere for your gaming entertainment.

Top 10 Indian casinos online:

  1. Pure Casino
  2. Genesis Casino
  3. 10 Cric
  4. Betway Casino
  5. Caxino Casino
  6. LeoVegas
  7. 22Bet Casino
  8. Royal Panda
  9. Twin Casino
  10. KTO Casino

These sites are the focal point of our Online Casino India guide. They represent the finest in the market and you can access their casino reviews through our website, where newly registered players can access their exclusive welcome bonus.

Legality of gambling in India

Is gambling even legal in India? Well, India’s long held gambling laws go back as far as 1867 when their Gambling Act was formed. But it hasn’t really been updated to modern times and standards.

Let’s first discuss the legalities of land casinos and then we can branch out to the realm of online casinos in India.

So, when it comes to the laws of gambling, the Indian government makes it illegal. However, just like in the United States. Each Indian state can govern their own laws by obtaining a license from the Indian government. Places like Goa and Daman have these licenses, and this is why they have casinos there.

So, what of the online casino India laws? Well, there are only two rulings. The first is that no businesses within India can produce their own online casino and second, foreign casinos cannot advertise their services inside India.

But therein lies the loophole. If you want to enjoy your games of chance, all you need to do is play inside of these foreign sites. They may not be principally Indian casinos but this is how all online casinos work. 99% of them are made, registered and licensed in Europe. They can advertise in India, but Indian players can and do go online to play inside offshore casinos.

No player from India has ever been blocked or sent to court for gambling online inside any overseas casino because it is 100% legal and within your rights.

Up to each state

Within the 11 cities of India, there are 21 legal gambling establishments for you to enjoy, they offer you the best casino sites that are each state-owned. They may not be up to the levels that the online casinos in India provide, but never the less, they provide a reputable service should you wish to try traditional casino entertainment, rather than internet gambling.

The top 10 land casinos in India are:

  1. Deltin Royale
  2. Casino Pride
  3. Casino Mahjong
  4. Casino Paradise
  5. Casino Plams
  6. Maharajah Casino
  7. Deltin Caravela
  8. Casino Carnival
  9. StrikeCasino
  10. Chances Casino

Online gambling license

So, the casinos you can join are not actually in India, so how can they be trusted? How do you know they are safe?

Well, the explanation is simple. The internet gambling industry is regulated by only a handful of governing bodies. You have the UK Gambling Commission, the Curacao eGaming Authority, The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Authority, and finally, the Panama Gaming Control Board.

If a business were to form an online gambling service, they would need at least one license from one of these bodies. Some casinos have 2 or 3 so they can access specific national markets. For players in India, the most common regulators licensing the casinos you will be joining are the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Before online casinos in India get to the stage of being an online entity, they must pass compliance checks and tests controlled by these regulators. This also enables them to bypass the Indian gambling laws by being a legally approved online betting service.

These casinos are also independently tested for safety and fair gameplay by gaming technicians that add to the validity and reputability of these fine online casinos.