Live Betting in Canada

Sportsbooks for Live Betting in Canada

There are a plethora of sports betting platforms in Canada that offer live betting options. Our guide will walk you through some of our favourite sportsbooks, but first, we will look at what live betting is, how it differs from live streaming, and what the advantages of live betting are.

What Is the Difference between Pre-Match Betting and Live Betting?

Unlike pre-match betting where players can only place their bets before an event begins, live betting involves placing bets while a sports event is going on. In live betting, odds fluctuate to match the game outcomes.

What Is the Difference between Live Betting and Live Streaming?

Live betting involves players placing bets in real time on sporting events; live streaming involves viewing a sports event that is broadcasted over the internet or television. (edit)

What Are the Advantages of Live Betting?

Here are three main advantages of live betting:

  1. Live betting affords you the possibility of betting while the game is on, meaning if you stumbled on an ongoing game, you would still be able to bet on it. This would not be possible if your bookie only offered pre-match betting.
  2. In live betting, you can take advantage of fluctuating odds. This means that your preferred bet may have more favourable odds than their starting price.
  3. Most sportsbooks offer cashout options for live betting which means you can settle your bet early, usually for an amount of money different, than for an outright win or loss. For example, if Team A were to play Team B, you might bet on Team A to win. If Team A were leading in the final third, you could cash out your bet early, potentially for a greater return on your stake, in order to protect your bet against a sudden Team A loss; conversely, if Team A were losing in the final third, you could cash out your bet early, potentially for a lesser return on your stake, in order to avoid losing your entire stake if team A eventually lost.

What Are the Best Live Betting Sportsbooks in Canada?

Below you will find four of our favourite sportsbooks for live betting in Canada.


TonyBet is an internationally recognized gambling site that sets the standard for excellence in the industry (edit). The sportsbook offers over 1500 betting markets to bet on, with popular sports such as hockey, basketball, and baseball. You’re offered a 100% bonus up to $350 in free bets and opportunities to claim weekly free bets of $10.


BetVictor is a unique sportsbook as it has a sports loyalty club where you get a weekly chance of winning between $1 and $25 in free bets after placing 5 bets of $5 each on any sports market. There's also the BetVictor Predictor, which is one of their flagship features, offering opportunities for punters to earn rewards for making accurate predictions on selected upcoming tournaments.

William Hill

William Hill is a firecracker of a sports betting platform. The sportsbook offers up to $500 in free bets and a daily Build #YourOdds bet boost (BYO). This allows you to enhance your odds when you choose at least three or more single bets for the same match. William Hill also has NBA and NFL epic boost features that function in a similar way.


Betiton is a top-notch sportsbook with an impressive selection of over 40 sports, including MMA, lacrosse, and basketball. There’s 24/7 customer support in case you experience any challenges with their services. You’ll enjoy a loyalty program that gives punters rewards for betting, such as monthly cashback, free spins, faster cashouts, and much more.

How Do You Start Live Betting?

It’s simple and easy to start live betting. We’ve provided the following steps to guide you.

  1. Choose a betting site and click sign up.
  2. Complete the registration process.
  3. Make a deposit.
  4. Select the live or in-play tab.
  5. Select a sport, and match on which you want to bet.
  6. Select the betting leg(s) on which you want to bet.
  7. Select whether or not you want your bet combined. This step can be skipped if you only place one single bet.
  8. Select the amount you're willing to wager.
  9. Click to confirm your bet.

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