Online Cricket Betting Sites

Online Cricket Betting

As we have already laid out where the best online casino India platforms are for regular casino gamers to play in, we now focus on the hottest online cricket betting sites given that cricket is the national sports in India, and it might just have more interest from gambling players than regular casino betting options.

Sports betting is now the biggest industry there is and to experience the finest qualities of it, you need to be part of the top betting sites that are open to the Indian market. Which is the best one out there? Well, each betting site has its own individual qualities, which we will be discussing in a broader sense, so when you start to look for your own online betting home, you know what qualities to look for within a casino betting platform, so you get the right services and betting features for all India’s national and international cricket matches.

Best cricket betting sites in India

Thankfully, cricket fans in India are not short of options when looking for excellent places that are able to fully service them with every kind of cricket there is in the sporting domain. The betting sites we are able to guide you to are all fully licensed and regulated to keep you safe and secure, plus, legally protected so you can gamble within India’s borders.

The cricket betting sites we have for you to join are all associated with regular casino services. So, not only will you have the full cricketing schedule of all the matches all over the world, plus, you can also enjoy classic casino games like Teen Patti, Blackjack, Andar Bahar, Roulette, and Slots to name a few.

So, why should you look to join any of the online cricket betting sites rather than use regular bookmakers on the high street? Well, betting sites within the online domain present gamblers with a much vaster option of betting markets. The average betting site can provide more cricket games, more markets to bet on and better odds. Online there is more immersive interaction, not only can you make in-play bets whilst the cricket is in play, but you can also watch live streams of the game to help you with your in-play predictions. You will also have live commentary, gaming stats, and are able to place bets days in advance of the actual match taking place.

If you wish, you can also mix sports to form your own bespoke betting slip. So, if you like other sports like football, tennis, golf, and rugby to name a few, then you can pick any sport, any market of odds and add them to any cricket bet you want.

Cricket betting sites in Indian rupees

The cricket betting sites that you can easily join in India do accept the Indian rupee currency as a form of deposit and withdrawal on winnings can be returned in kind. Now, these online cricket betting sites are not actually based in India because of the gambling laws that only allow state-run gambling services online. The betting sites are, in fact, based in Europe. They are all able to service players from all over the world and India is just one of many markets they have tapped into.

An important issue regarding all the online cricket betting sites regards the banking situation that may pose a problem for a number of Indian players. When it comes to making online payments, the Indian Reserve Bank can and do cease transactions that have ties with gambling services. This is wholly to do with money laundering and not you as a person.

Because of the banking situation, many players will have to use alternative online payment services that allow them to bypass the Reserve Bank. This leads many players in India to using e-wallet services like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal.

E-wallets work as a middleman organization. In this instance, the service of an e-wallet will extract payment from your original bank account, hold it within the e-wallet and then from this service can be placed into the online casinos. The reverse process is done when it comes to performing a withdrawal on winnings. The e-wallet is, in fact, the exact same as a real wallet, a place that holds money between extraction from your bank account and kept before that money is used for a transaction in exchange for any goods or services.

Indian cricket betting sites

When looking to join a betting site what qualities will you be looking for? Live game streaming? Sports betting bonuses? Mobile access? Well, here are the top 10 betting sites in the Indian market that are able to facilitate all the needs and wants of avid cricket fans wanting the best from the services open to them.

Top 10 online cricket betting sites:

  1. 22 Bet
  2. Betway
  3. FunBet
  4. 10 Cric
  5. Leo Vegas Casino
  6. Spin Sports
  7. Dafabet
  8. Royal Panda Casino
  9. Sportsbet
  10. 888 Sport

In all fairness, these are all worthy of being number one and as it stands, this is the current position that is dictated by the player’s interests. Nevertheless, these are the best cricket betting sites in India right now and with them, you will get incredible customer support with Hindi speaking staff and there will be many incredible features to help provide the best experience of betting and gambling online.

Betting sites

You know, you are not just tied to one casino when you sign up? Players are able to join as many cricket betting sites as they want. In fact, you’ll probably do the same as most others, with the average player joining 2 or 3 of the top cricket bookies in India for the first 3 to 6 months and then settling with 1 or 2 sites to look after their service. There are perfect casinos out there, it’s just as humans, we can be a little imperfect and fuss over where we play and who has the best odds at that specific time.

Besides having access to the best cricket betting sites in India, to help you find all the latest Indian cricketing news, there are plenty of sites that can inform you of the latest team news and fixtures. Getting information ahead of a game and before betting will be hugely beneficial.

Legal betting sites in India

So, what exactly are the gambling laws in India, and how are you safe when it comes to foreign cricket betting sites. Well, it all goes back to the time of British rule in India and the induction of the Gambling Act in 1867. Prior to British colonialism, gambling was a common thing, many carried this out with games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and horse racing was the main sport at the time. During the British rule, the attitudes towards gambling became very British. Places of business closed, and restrictions came in place. Suddenly, a new way of seeing gambling took over and it remained for many years until 1948. When India reclaimed its powers back, there was very much a softly, softly approach to gambling. Legal betting sites in India had to be licensed by the government. Each city could apply their own rules and laws but much of the Gambling Act of 1867 didn’t modernise.

In relation to online gambling, the Act was updated to include two aspects regarding the issue.

One, businesses within the Indian borders could not sell any gambling service online. Two, outside services online could not advertise. This was and is now, the legal loophole that grants players in India to join foreign Indian cricket betting sites that are registered throughout Europe.

No person has ever been prosecuted or charged or arrested for playing online because it is 100% legal and safe. Foreign sites are licensed and regulated by foreign governing authorities like the MGA or the UKGC.

IPL 2021

Experience all of the action and success of cricket betting sites in Indian rupees this year and enjoy the upcoming Indian Premier League season. You’ll find that all the best cricket betting sites will welcome you with a special bonus offer that can be used on the IPL fixtures. Free bets are fantastic offers and, in some cases, should you have a betting accumulator of 5 or more games, and one bet lets you down, then you can get a replacement cashback offer to try again. Find all the biggest IPL betting sites with us and you will be able to play with peace of mind whilst watching all the action out on the field.

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