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Joining any online casino is about the entertainment it brings and the opportunities to with yourself some real money payouts in the process. Making this happen? Real money casino games, of course.

In this guide, we present real money casino games that are available from the best Canadian casinos online.

There are on average over 500 different titles inside your typical online casino. These game fall into 8 main gaming categories, Slots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Bingo, Sports Betting, Game Show, Baccarat.

We will discuss these games below to give you some insight as to how they play and feature inside of Canada’s top online casinos.

Playing real money games online

So, first of all, why play real money casino games? Well, there are two leading gaming formats online, the casino games or online console gaming i.e., PlayStation and Xbox. Players have two choices, you can either play for competitive gain and the reward being personal achievement. Or you can play and win money. Winning money is clearly the standout options, because after playing console games for 4-hours-straight, you get nothing but backache.

Playing online for real money presents a wealth of opportunity. There are so many casino games online right now, and the numbers are getting bigger and bigger each passing week.

When playing online inside of Canada’s best casinos, you will win back real Canadian dollars. You only have one important task to do before you play, in fact, before you join any casino online, and that is to make sure you are able to bank with the casino.

Always check the banking features of the casino online to make sure you are able to deposit money in and that you can withdraw money out. Ideally, you want to be able to use the same banking service, but not all casinos are the same and neither are the services they offer.

Video slot machines

We start with online video slot machines because they are the most popular and most dominating game of any online casino. These features take up 95% of the gaming titles found inside of online casinos. These games are constructed by the best developers in the business. The likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Blueprint, Elk, and Red Tiger have helped push the online gambling industry to where it is today.

Slot machines are a dynamic feature, yet how they play is so superbly easy, it is a perfect recipe for game fans that want direct gameplay and the perfect entertainment with it. Slots can boast a number of gaming features like gamble options on all wins, random feature triggers, multiple bonus rounds, and, of course, their incredible jackpots.

The appeal of slots comes from its seductive jackpot prizes, there is no denying this. If slots only paid out a quarter of what they actually do, their appeal would diminish. Instead, what players online get are opportunities to win real money payouts of up to and over one-million-dollars.

Record-breaking slot jackpots have climbed as high as 18 million! Progressive slots are the big boys of the business. Winning these games will help to change your life and the lives of those around you for a very long time.

Live dealer casino games

What are live dealer casino games? All the top casinos online offer a separate gaming platform from slots and other digitalized features, this platform being the ‘live casino’. In this section, you will have access to live streamed games that feature live dealer casino games.

Games are played in a developer’s studio and broadcast out to all the casinos online live games played with host dealers and casino members get to interact and play live.

This real-time service has actually been around since casinos went online back in the late 90s.

The live casino games that can be played are the card games of poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Table games include online roulett and sic bo.

Live gaming can be a bit intimidating for new players. Many will opt to play card and table games in their digital format first to better understand and become accustom to the rules of play before they venture on to a live stream, for example.

The live streaming service is often provided by one software company and that is because there is no other greater maker out there producing the goods. They are Evolution Gaming, and they are 11-time award-winning Best Live Software Developer of the Year winners.

New game show features by Evolution Gaming

Evolution gaming created the live streaming format and with it, took online casino gaming into a whole new realm of entertainment and possibilities. Casino games can only be reproduced so many times. Online there are many classic titles and with them come the variant options. Once they are all made for live streaming, you can’t do more, unless you invent new games.

This is exactly what Evolution Gaming did, giving players new and exciting ways of winning real money online.

New game show features were created to put players into a contestant environment, it expanded the gameplay and produced dynamic interaction on a larger gaming scale. The new games include Deal or No Deal Live, Monopoly, Mega Ball, Crazy Time, and Dream Catcher.

If you want a break from the standard, then game show features are the future of the industry that are incredibly refreshing in their performance.

Knowing what casino games to play

What should you play when trying to win real money online?

There are two ways of approaching this. You can play for the love of the game, or you can play tactically with a sole focus on the money.

What we mean by this is that blackjack is the fairest game to play online, now, if you don’t like blackjack, then your odds of winning suddenly increase on other games making it harder to win for you. If you are fine with that, then you’re playing for the love of the game itself.

Our belief is to always play what you enjoy, and should any reward come of it, then this is an additional blessing. Playing online should be about the entertainment firstly because gambling is all about luck and not skill. No player has special privilege over another, it is all about playing the right game at the right time.

Because you are more likely to lose than win, if you push too much for it, you will spend beyond your means. Entertainment first, winning real money second.

Helping you to access real money casino games online

Through our site, you can access the top Canadian casinos. You can read each review on these sites and can even claim special cash and free spin bonuses when you open your account. We review legal and regulated casinos that offer you the best opportunity to bet and play anywhere online. From each review, you can read about the services and features provided by the operators.

You will also find that a number of the casinos offers you their own mobile app to help you instantly access their services. Apps are a necessary requirement as your web browser offers immediate access to all online casinos.

If you do wish to play with any bonus online, then please read the terms and conditions, these will state the rules on how cash and free spins are to be used, what deposit is required, and what the wagering requirements are in order to enable you to withdraw the money won.

Best of luck.